Monday, 25 July 2011

Noel Phillips

Noel Phillips lived in Whitecliff Parade in the Ballymurphy area with his family. On the 9th August 1971 Noel and his friend Tommy Morgan left their homes to walk to the Henry Taggart Army base near Springfield Park to see what was happening.There was rioting throughout the day and it was now around 7:30pm. Whilst standing facing The Henry Taggart Army base, a number of soldiers from the Parachute Regiment came running out with their guns on there hips and opened fire.
Everybody ran for their lives. Noel ran down into the field in front of the Henry Taggart Army base. Noel was shot and dropped to the ground. Sometime later an army vehicle entered the field and two soldiers got out. Both soliders were armed, one with an SLR Rifle and the other with a 9mm browning high power pistol. Eye witnesses watched in horror as the soldier with the pistol opened fire on Noel as he lay on the ground.Noel's autopsy report found that Noel had been shot once behind each ear - a well known soldier's execution

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