Sunday, 3 April 2011

Ballymurphy -The Aftermath

Ballymurphy -The Aftermath
A Play about the events of the Massacre
The stories of those killed and their families who have organised the research and the lobbying that has brought this event to public attention.
The Families believe that by putting the event on record it will force the British to admit its wrong doings of 1971 and lead to an apology from those responsible. The play will tell this story. You can make the play possible by buying tickets early - tickets will pay for the play to be produced .Tickets are £10 each.The play will run from the 29th July to 14th August time 8pm .Saturday matinee’s 2pm. It will be the first play in the new Courtyard at the Mill, Conway street.
The play is written by Brenda Murphy, Directed by Pam Brighton and Designed by Danny Devenny.We are organising a special Fundraising Premier Night event on the 29th July tickets are £100.there is a limited number of tickets for this night and after event with families and organisers. tickets are available now online @  ....... also at the art shop falls road,  mcglades top of the rock,   andersonstown news,..........  

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